In The Abstract mix & playlist

Here's the 12 June 2017 episode of 2SER's In The Abstract (2 hours) with my guest mix starting at the 30 minute mark and going for an hour.

"In The Abstract with Dennis De Caires draws on fringe sounds, lo-fi and bedroom techno to noise art and ambient sound works. Produced in collaboration with Australian community arts station 2ser. This week: Aeriae & Ben Marston."


Spangle 1994

Aeriae Hold R1 2007

Metropol Lilith 2005

Autechre Altibizz 2008 Obsidian 2001

Akira Yamaoka Moonchild 1999

Random Acts of Elevator Music Up And Down 2016

Angelo Badalamenti Harold's Theme 1991

An On Bast De Profundis 2006

Simon Boswell Kris VR 1994

Makoto Tomozawa, Sayaka Fujita and Akari Kaida Located main generator 1999

Basil Kirchin Special Relativity 1973

Leksha All the colours we can see 2016

Thallium & Milo Psychopomp 2013

Gescom Key Nell 4 1996

Aeriae to guest mix on 2SER's 'In The Abstract' June 10 (2017)

I have agonisingly crafted an hour long Twin Peaks-inspired mix for the Monday June 12 episode of Sydney 2SER's (107.3 FM) In The Abstract radio show, hosted by Dennis de Caires. The show goes from 10PM to midnight and my mix begins at 10:30PM. Tonally it ranges from the angelic to the weird to the frightening. That's the Twin Peaks aesthetic. You'll hear music from bands like Seefeel and, from computer games like Silent HIll, Dino Crisis and Burn:Cycle, from avant garde jazz musos turned producers like Basil Kirchin, and from me both as Aeriae and half of Thallium & Milo. And you'll hear a piece of music from 1990's Twin Peaks. Thanks much to Dennis for inviting me.


Peril Triage reviewed on Cyclic Defrost

Chris Downton has reviewed Peril Triage on Cyclic Defrost.

Live As Can Be Video 2A – Skirr: Performance and track breakdown

I've just released episode 2A of Live As Can Be on YouTube – "Skirr: Performance and track breakdown".

The first half of the video is me performing the live version of Skirr from my first album
Hold R1. The second half of the video is a detailed description of how this version came to be: how I ported the track elements from Logic to Ableton Live, how I organised them, how I assigned controls, and why I did or didn't make particular decisions while doing these things. Building on the overview of my setup presented in episode 1, episode 2 broaches slightly more technical topics.

Peril Triage reviewed in Igloo

The first review of the EP comes from Igloo Magazine.