General 2011-2012 update

2011 was a slower year on the Aeriae front, basically because I spent the majority of my time developing a cute Interactive Fiction game called Six about twin sisters playing hide and seek with their friends at their sixth birthday party. I entered the game in the 2011 Interactive Fiction Competition where it was voted into second place in the field of 38 games, an achievement I am really happy with.

Away from Aeriae, I probably co-produced at least 80 hours of improvised electronic music with a friend of mine over the course of the year in a duo act which we still have no agreed name for, and whose goals we are unsure of. But it's been a lot of fun, and creatively, it's been a new area for me to explore. The Aeriae material is exactingly created, and in some ways grows out of the exact opposite approach to that of improvisational music.

My second Aeriae album, Victris, is complete and ready to go, and has actually benefited from having even more time spent on it revisiting the production. That said, I’d been unsure of how to release it. I’m interested in the support gained by releasing through a label (unlike Hold R1, which I self-released) and though I can’t count unhatched chickens in too much detail in this post, the good news is that it looks like a label release will come about in the 2nd half of 2012.

Scorcherfest set list (Sunday April 10, 2011)

1. Ex Ex
2. Snuck / Regina
3. Revered Daughter
4. Ai No

Get Tix for Aeriae @ Scorcherfest

Aeriae plays at all-genre music fest Scorcherfest, which takes place at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney, from midday to late on Sunday, April 10, 2011.

20+ acts over 3 stages for $20! All ages, U18 with guardians.

AERIAE IS ONSTAGE AT 5:10 on the 'Green-Pale' stage.

Tickets to Scorcherfest are normally $30, but you can get $20 tickets, either online or on the day, by using one of the following discount vouchers:



For online tix purchses, go to and enter the code from the voucher when buying your tix.

Aeriae plays Scorcherfest @ Sydney's Annandale Hotel on Sunday, 10 April 2010

Scorcherfest is an awesome all-genres music festival taking place across Australia in April.

Aeriae will be playing the Sydney venue, the Annandale Hotel, on Sunday, 10 April 2010. Set times aren't known yet (I could be playing the day or the evening) but this is an all-day festival, so your $20 entry ticket will get you in to see any and all of the cool bands playing, and a wide range of music styles will be represented.

Click here to see the Sydney Band Profiles

Artists playing at Scorcherfest are also selling tickets for their own sets, so to buy tickets for this show, just hit the ‘Contact Me’ button at the bottom of this page to send me an e-mail listing the number of tickets you want. You'll be able to pay by PayPal or bank deposit, and I'll mail your tickets to you directly.

If you need further payment options, you can buy tickets through the Scorcherfest website. Just pick Aeriae as the band you're coming to support.

I will post further details of this gig as they come to light.