Nurse 2 Alyssa Type review in Cyclic Defrost

Chris Downton reviews the Nurse 2 Alyssa Type EP in Cyclic Defrost magazine:

Nurse 2 Alyssa Type reviewed in Cyclic Defrost

Aeriae interview in Scene Magazine

I did an interview for the 'Nurse 2 Alyssa Type' EP with Ben Pearce of Brisbane's Scene Magazine, which has both online and offline editions. Here's the link:

Aeriae: Old School Composure

Pronouncing 'Aeriae'

Here's a one minute mp3 tribute I made to the various radio presenters who, over time, have had to suddenly decide how they were going to pronounce the torturous names of the entity that is me - Aeriae - and my tracks. My thanks to all the folks I included, in particular Andrew Maxam who has played a lot of my music on Liquid Electric on FBi FM, sometimes under wacky pseudonyms like 'Nicole Kidman'.

PRONOUNCING AERIAE (click to listen - 2.6mb streaming mp3)

How do I say it myself? In the beginning, I said 'Air-ree-eye'. But as some folks began to say 'Air-ree-eh' ('eh' rhyming with 'hey') I sometimes found myself saying what they said. So now I don't mind either way.

I chose the name for a combination of aesthetic and practical reasons (I especially like how it looks) but amongst all the factors I thought of, I forgot about pronunciation. The two commonest ways people say it are both logical responses to the spelling, so I think that's a decent outcome for a made up word which often induces mental tripping-over on sight.

NEW AERIAE EP OUT NOW: Nurse 2 Alyssa Type

I'm very pleased to announce that my new EP 'Nurse 2 Alyssa Type' is now available from Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, Google Play and Juno. Nurse 2 is one of 3 EPs being released simultaneously by Clan Analogue, each by a different artist. On Nurse 2, the eponymous title track is a cut from my upcoming album ‘Victris,’ backed up on the B-side here by my own new ‘Nurse 1 Cindy Type,’ then 5 remixes of Nurse 2 in a range of thoroughly different styles by Lightwell, CMI, Che, Kate Carr and Thallium & Milo respectively. This EP kicks those dumb remix projects plagued by samey tracks right in the solar plexus. The 3 EPs will soon be available on iTunes, Beatport, Juno et al, and I'll be here to (GENTLY!) spruik/spam you with their merits in the coming days.


New track for download: Daisy M. Tulley's 'Hurt' [Aeriae Remix]

Today, I present a new remix which-I'm-very-pleased-with of folk singer Daisy M. Tulley's track 'Hurt.' Just don’t call it ‘folktronica’.

Aeriae Remix on Bandcamp: Daisy M. Tulley’s ‘Hurt’

‘Remix’ is a term used with great elasticity amongst producers, so I will also link you to Daisy's original track so that you can compare it to the remix: (scroll to the bottom of her soundcloud page)

Daisy M. Tulley’s page on soundcloud

Aeriae: Now facebookin' it

Aeriae is soon to move to highly active mode anew. I've got the ‘Nurse 2 Alyssa Type’ EP coming out through Clan Analogue, followed by my 2nd album, ‘Victris’ (it’s been a long time between drinks on the album front). And I’ll be doing shows for both. With all this action, I’ve decided it’s time to kick off properly in the world of facebook. I will ping regularly on music in general, music-making, and technical and audio geekery. You can Like me up for such pings here:

Aeriae on facebook

Aeriae back catalogue now on Bandcamp

The whole Aeriae back catalogue is now available through, with various price schemes ranging from Free through Donationware to Paid. This is the first time I’ve been able to distribute all my music in lossless format, and Bandcamp also allows listeners to download each track or album in almost any format you could want, from mp3 to flac.

Hold R1 is still available through
itunes, too, and Hold R1 CDs can be bought from a variety of vendors, including Bandcamp. has also been thoroughly rebuilt and sports a version of my new logo designed by James Wingrove (Valley Forge).

aeriae logo