Aeriae Interview in October 2014 Trouble Magazine

Here's a new interview with me in the October 2014 issue of Australian arts magazine Trouble.

Nurse 2 Alyssa Type review in Cyclic Defrost

Chris Downton reviews the Nurse 2 Alyssa Type EP in Cyclic Defrost magazine:

Nurse 2 Alyssa Type reviewed in Cyclic Defrost

Aeriae interview in Scene Magazine

I did an interview for the 'Nurse 2 Alyssa Type' EP with Ben Pearce of Brisbane's Scene Magazine, which has both online and offline editions. Here's the link:

Aeriae: Old School Composure

Pronouncing 'Aeriae'

Here's a one minute mp3 tribute I made to the various radio presenters who, over time, have had to suddenly decide how they were going to pronounce the torturous names of the entity that is me - Aeriae - and my tracks. My thanks to all the folks I included, in particular Andrew Maxam who has played a lot of my music on Liquid Electric on FBi FM, sometimes under wacky pseudonyms like 'Nicole Kidman'.

PRONOUNCING AERIAE (click to listen - 2.6mb streaming mp3)

How do I say it myself? In the beginning, I said 'Air-ree-eye'. But as some folks began to say 'Air-ree-eh' ('eh' rhyming with 'hey') I sometimes found myself saying what they said. So now I don't mind either way.

I chose the name for a combination of aesthetic and practical reasons (I especially like how it looks) but amongst all the factors I thought of, I forgot about pronunciation. The two commonest ways people say it are both logical responses to the spelling, so I think that's a decent outcome for a made up word which often induces mental tripping-over on sight.

Aeriae Interview, plus movement on live front

Chris Downton recently interviewed me for Cyclic Defrost magazine. The interview's now out in both the online and print editions of the magazine. The latter are available free in select record stores around Australia.

Read the interview online

In the interview I mention the ongoing work on a live incarnation of Aeriae. It looks extremely likely at this point that, with the help of Clan Analogue (Ant Banister in particular) I will play my first gig in Sydney in January.

Media bits: Indie Revolution and Wonkavision print ad

NY's The Indie Revolution played AMay this weekend. It's the first track in their broadcast / podcast for Sunday 11th August, 2008.

There's also a cool Aeriae ad in Wonkavision Magazine #42, which is out on the stands now.
Check it out on the Press page.

Hold R1 reviewed in Cyclic Defrost Magazine March 2008

New review of the album:

Hold R1 reviewed on ArtsHub

Head on over to the Press page to read Liz Seymour's trippy review.