"Double Album" in development

Things have been quieter than usual on this site for a while, which means pretty darn quiet. That's because I'm working on what could best be described as a double album. I say 'best be described as' because – what is a double album today? For a good chunk of time that meant two CDs' worth of material, and before that, two LPs' worth of material. I don't know if this next release of mine will appear on any plastic or vinyl discs, but I suppose I'm still aiming at what would fit on two CDs.

DE: New live release is out

DE IS HERE! This 28 minute release is comped from several live takes of my recent Melbourne set. It's the same mix I play into a big room, thus sounds awesome in a big room.

DE is starting life as Bandcamp-only, pay-what-you-want, and you can get anything from 24-bit FLAC to mp3. If you do stream it, don't only stream it, listen to the lossless version sometime with all the frequencies and transients.

Peril Triage EP out now

The new Aeriae EP Peril Triage is out today! This 47 minute digital-only release from Clan Analogue Recordings is available from online music services all over the place. For instance, but not limited to: Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes, Juno, Spotify, Tidal

Something you won't see on most digital services is the art on the back of the virtual packaging. Here it is:

Peril Triage back cover

Peril Triage Bandcamp pre-orders

Peril Triage is out on 21 March 2017 via all the usual outlets, but you can pre-order it now on Bandcamp and get the first track immediately. Any further pre-order options will appear on the front of this site as they become available.

Peril Triage EP coming March 2017

The next Aeriae release will be the 43 minute EP Peril Triage out March 2017 on Clan Analogue!

Peril Triage cover 50

To make this record I took the material from my last live set (for the Victris mini-tour) back into the studio. This is the first time I’ve adapted material in this direction and the result has more of the dynamics and pace of my live set, and no breaks between tracks.

To promote the EP I'll be releasing a series of videos demonstrating ways my live rig has worked over time, performing those tracks on video and also playing some other ditties on the keyboard – on video.

I’d hoped to get Peril Triage released in 2016, as it was ready to go then (which would have given it a calendar date of only two years after Victris!), but because of the spacing of Clan Analogue releases, it had to slide into 2017.

New EP coming ... 2017

It’s been awhile between updates. Part of that is because I’ve been helping oversee the audio for Clan Analogue’s Kill Climate Deniers releases. They comprise the eponymous album by Reuben Ingall (out now) and the forthcoming Bolted remixes single, to which I’ve also contributed a track as Profound Actor.

The next Aeriae release will be the 43 minute EP
Peril Triage, out F̶e̶b̶r̶u̶a̶r̶y̶ March! 2017:

She's No Heart – A Qarpa mashup/remix

Qarpa of Ukraine, previously known as Faktychno Sami, are one of my favourite bands. They take any and all musical styles that they like – pop, punk, electronica, rap, jazz, industrial – and bring them to bear on a consistent aesthetic. They’re musical consummates and also have an amazing vocalist and frontwoman in Irena Karpa.

’She's No Heart' is an Aeriae mashup/remix track built around samples from three Qarpa songs:
* The song Небо from the album Lo-Fi TRавми (2005)
* The songs Кирі-ян and No Logo from the album Kurva Cum Back (2004)

I used to open my 2014 live sets with this track. I’ve now cut a video for it which is a mashup of Qarpa clips and concert footage. My thanks go to Qarpa, Qarpa fans and everyone who appeared in, filmed, or otherwise helped create or produce the footage used to make the video. Thanks also to Julian Grodzicky and Svitlana Yakovenko who translated lyrics from these Qarpa songs for me.

With Qarpa’s kind blessings, I’m now releasing the track as a free download. It’s available via
Bandcamp (stream online, or download in any format) or SoundCloud (stream online, or download as FLAC).

Enjoy the video and also check out Qarpa’s amazing music.

June 2012 live set from the vault

To my knowledge, room recordings of live electronic music sets aren't generally A Big Thing, though they're a big thing amongst Autechre fans. That's how I got interested in such recordings.

I've unearthed one of my own that happened by accident. While rehearsing my June 2012 live set, I intended to record a soundboard of it on an H4N. I hit the wrong button and so recorded through the mic instead. Obviously, the mic hadn't been set up for a live recording or pointed at anything in particular, but it must have been vaguely centred. The result was pretty decent off the bat, and after giving a boost to the mids and highs, I was relatively amazed by the atmosphere of it.

The June 2012 set is now up on
Soundcloud in whole and on Bandcamp in split track form. It starts with an atmos and beats intro, then broken downtempo that builds over 10 minutes (Hedra, my fave of the set) then continues with something that gets really keyboard stabby (Coldre), then something fast and easily the least tight and maybe most chaotic performance (give me a break, this was a rehearsal) and studded with vox samples of Hayley Foster, then from Chaingang (track name Ex Ex, which is almost what I almost called my second album) and finally a racing alt live version of Ai No Kuni (Ai No), with Swan Lake in it to boot.

My rig at the time was based on Moldover's original Controllersim video:

- Macbook Pro
- Ableton Live
- Reaktor
- M-Audio Keystation 49: Live keyboard parts
- Novation Remote SL -
- Drumpads: Jump edits
- Touchpad: Stutter edits
- Joystick: Timeshift
- White keys: Scratch up/down, buzz, jump edit, reverse, 8 track gates
- Black keys: Sample launchers
- Mixer tracks: Drum, Melody, Vox, FX 1, FX 2, FX 3, Live keyboard, Master
- 1 custom FX smart knob per track, 2 on master

New Aeriae EP in the works

Work is well advanced on a new EP based on material from my Victris live sets. This will be released digitally by Clan Analogue. My extremely-up-in-the-air guess on the release date would be the start of 2016.

New album Victris out now

The release date slid a little from the original August 4, but my second album Victris is out now. Thus I'm declaring its new sub-official release date to be Monday, August 25 2014.


Online, the album is already available for download from -

Bandcamp (24-bit formats available! Also includes CD artwork PDF and track notes. DRM free.)


Google Play

* Freely and separately available for download is my 13-page, 2200 word illustrated
track notes booklet.

With distribution by MGM, you can buy the beautiful CD edition of Victris in good record stores around Australia, including
JB Hi-Fi, Red Eye Records and Waterfront Records.

The first Victris show will be at Valve Bar and Venue on September 13 in Sydney.

Nurse 2 Alyssa Type EP free for a week in leadup to Victris release

For one week only in the leadup to Victris, Clan Analogue are making my 2013 EP Nurse 2 Alyssa Type available for free on Bandcamp. Click here to go there.

New track 'Resigner' on Autechre tribute 'ae thx'

While I continue to program my live rig and develop material for a mini tour this year to support upcoming album Victris, I've got a new track out on the side.

Resigner appears on Bewegong Records's 'ae thx', a tribute to Autechre with contributions by folks from the website
We Are The Music Makers. The donationware album and individual tracks are available from Bandcamp:

ae thx at Bandcamp

Resigner on ae thx

NEW AERIAE EP OUT NOW: Nurse 2 Alyssa Type

I'm very pleased to announce that my new EP 'Nurse 2 Alyssa Type' is now available from Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, Google Play and Juno. Nurse 2 is one of 3 EPs being released simultaneously by Clan Analogue, each by a different artist. On Nurse 2, the eponymous title track is a cut from my upcoming album ‘Victris,’ backed up on the B-side here by my own new ‘Nurse 1 Cindy Type,’ then 5 remixes of Nurse 2 in a range of thoroughly different styles by Lightwell, CMI, Che, Kate Carr and Thallium & Milo respectively. This EP kicks those dumb remix projects plagued by samey tracks right in the solar plexus. The 3 EPs will soon be available on iTunes, Beatport, Juno et al, and I'll be here to (GENTLY!) spruik/spam you with their merits in the coming days.


'Headspace' out now - New Aeriae video 'Snuck'

Clan Analogue’s Severed Heads tribute album Headspace is out now. Get it on iTunes, Waterfront Records or on Bandcamp.

My own contribution to the album is the track
Snuck, and I’ve just cut a video to go with it:

Aeriae's Severed Heads cover 'Snuck' coming on Clan Analogue's 'Headspace' Compilation

I’m really pleased to be able to announce my participation in Clan Analogue’s 20th anniversary compilation album Headspace, a tribute to the legendary Severed Heads featuring Clan artists reinterpreting their favourite SH tracks. I covered ‘Snuck’ from the final Severed Heads album Under Gail Succubus (2006) and the Aeriae version of Snuck is being made available for a limited time prior to the compilation’s release as a free download via Clan’s Soundcloud page. (free period now over)

Live recording of Aeriae set from Bandwidth II

New on the Downloads page: A live recording of my half hour set at the Red Rattler on June 12, 2010.

This is a direct download link to the file (it's a 49MB mp3)

New track from Victris, 'Angel Team', plus jukebox revamp

I just reorganised aeriae.com, moving the MP3 jukebox to the front page and changing its contents.

To celebrate my productivity, I've put a brand new track in the
jukebox from forthcoming album Victris, called Angel Team. The mix is in glorious mono. Enjoy.

2 unreleased Aeriae tracks - Passage 9 + Path 9 - OUT NOW via 4-4-2's Single of the Month Club, November 2009

To keep the fires burning between records, here are a couple of previously unreleased Aeriae tracks, available now as free downloads via netlabel 4-4-2's Single of the Month Club:

Quoth Adrian of Sydney's
Telafonica, who runs 4-4-2:

'Two video game offcasts from Aeriae - Side A an uptempo acid glitchbleep workout while Side B heads into the dark recesses of Resident Evil or Silent Hill in order to find somewhere quiet to be alone.'

Get them here:
Aeriae - 4-4-2 Music e-Single of the Month Club - Nov 2009

The A-side was explicitly composed for use on a videogame soundtrack. The B-side was inspired by horror game soundtracks, and would not be averse to becoming part of one.

Announcing Aeriae album 2, VICTRIS, and a videogame, LEADLIGHT

The second Aeriae album is significantly along in development. It will be called Victris and I hope to release it before the end of 2009 through my own label Call-151 Records. The label will have a more solid identity this time around, though if you look on your Hold R1 CD, you will see the Call-151 logo on it. The logo has also featured in Aeriae print ads and material over time. Coming onboard for Victris's graphic design is Alex Lee of What is the Apple IIGS? fame.

All I will say about the new album content is that I feel that the sound is both more detailed and more overtly melodic than Hold R1's. This reflects the expansion of my production abilities and of my compositional ideas respectively. The latter were probably more in thrall to the impulses of the IDM project on the first record.

Another project I am working on, and which I hope to unveil around the same time as the album, is an 8-bit horror game for the Apple II computer called
Leadlight. The game brings some modern Silent Hill and Resident Evil like flourishes to the old text adventure game model, and is programmed using the Eamon game engine. The game is set in a private girls' school (you play a girl in year ten) and I see it as my eight bit take on something like Dario Argento's film 'Suspiria'. The game will run in a java Apple II emulator on the Aeriae website, so to play, all anyone will have to do is visit an URL. There will be no fiddling with disk images or ROMs or emulator software, etc.

So why make a game by such a weird and ostensibly difficult manner in this day and age? The Apple II has always been a major creative inspiration for me, and I love programming it. On Hold R1, I used
Fantavision on the Apple II to animate the AMay videoclip. My label Call-151 is named for the Apple II monitor command, and I keep getting sound and imagery ideas - and sound samples - from the computer for the Aeriae project. I had wondered whether I would ever find time or motivation to make this horror game, and somehow it just seemed to be a cool idea to put the game out alongside the next Aeriae record. I hope people who know adventure games will dig it, and people who've never seen them may be intrigued. Mind you, I'm still writing and programming the game, and it's not impossible it will run into some impassable technical hurdle, but fingers crossed.

Track preview – Heiress – from album two

The tracks for the second Aeriae album are starting to acquire a distinct shape and some kind of vector, and I hope to be able to release the album later this year. I've learned a few things about the workings of the music industry since I put out Hold R1 and I know that there will be a tighter coordination of activities surrounding the second album release than there were last time. The tradeoff for this anticipated coordination will be a time hit, so it's not impossible the album release could slip to 2010, but I am aiming to release it this year.

Auricular Records release 13th Audio Magazine, featuring 'Novelle Sis'

'20 years of difficult music' goes the Auricular Records tagline. They started as a little record store in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, hosting in-stores of ambitious music and releasing audio magazines on cassette. The philosophies haven't changed over time but the technology has. I'm pleased to be a part of Auricular's return to mixtaping, with Novelle Sis appearing on their new 15 year hiatus-breaking release Auricular Audio Magazine 13.

The 16 track compilation is available as a digital download internationally through all the usual stores, or as a CD directly from Auricular. I well recommend it, and not just 'cos I'm on it.

'Hermiones' is Track Of The Week at garageband.com

I've been on garageband.com for a few years now, and while I've scored 'Track Of The Day' many times, I never managed to crack their elusive-seeming Top 20 in the Experimental Electronica genre until now. My (relatively weird) second B-side from Hold R1, Hermiones, has done the trick and got the Track Of The Week slot in the process. The moral of this story is that you just can't pick how any particular track will be received.

New track: Lenticular Cup

In January I participated in The Twentieth Project, in which an assortment of artists record a track in the space of a day. The results are gathered on a compilation CD. My track Lenticular Cup appears on the January 20th, 2008 CD.

CD now at Red Eye, plus tracks in progress

You can now buy Hold R1 in Red Eye Records, York St, Sydney. Incidentally this is my fave record shop in the world, so this is way cool!

... and with the madness of xmas out of the way I'm back to working on new tracks. One I completed from go to woe in a day as part of the 20th Project for January, and it'll be released by them accordingly. I'm also working on two other originals and a weird/grime/slowed-down-ravey remix of a track I heard on FBi by another Sydney artist.