NEW AERIAE EP OUT NOW: Nurse 2 Alyssa Type

I'm very pleased to announce that my new EP 'Nurse 2 Alyssa Type' is now available from Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, Google Play and Juno. Nurse 2 is one of 3 EPs being released simultaneously by Clan Analogue, each by a different artist. On Nurse 2, the eponymous title track is a cut from my upcoming album ‘Victris,’ backed up on the B-side here by my own new ‘Nurse 1 Cindy Type,’ then 5 remixes of Nurse 2 in a range of thoroughly different styles by Lightwell, CMI, Che, Kate Carr and Thallium & Milo respectively. This EP kicks those dumb remix projects plagued by samey tracks right in the solar plexus. The 3 EPs will soon be available on iTunes, Beatport, Juno et al, and I'll be here to (GENTLY!) spruik/spam you with their merits in the coming days.


New track for download: Daisy M. Tulley's 'Hurt' [Aeriae Remix]

Today, I present a new remix which-I'm-very-pleased-with of folk singer Daisy M. Tulley's track 'Hurt.' Just don’t call it ‘folktronica’.

Aeriae Remix on Bandcamp: Daisy M. Tulley’s ‘Hurt’

‘Remix’ is a term used with great elasticity amongst producers, so I will also link you to Daisy's original track so that you can compare it to the remix: (scroll to the bottom of her soundcloud page)

Daisy M. Tulley’s page on soundcloud

New Aeriae remix: CHAINGANG's 'Get Off My Stage' playing on FBi

CHAINGANG are my fave Sydney rockers and just one of my favourite bands. I wasn't sure if remixing them would work, or if it the result could be an Aeriae track anyway, but it did and it could be respectively. That great institution FBi are also gonna spin it some.

New Aeriae remix: Delta's 'Believe Again'

I like Delta Goodrem plenty, a fact which seems to surprise most folk I know. I now present my (COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL) Aeriae take on 'Believe Again'. At this point, somehow it's my favourite thing I've released this year.

Background info: Delta's 'You Will Only Break My Heart' single (got it for the princely sum of $4.99 at JB Hi-Fi as I recall) came with a U-Myx version of 'Believe Again' on the B-side. U-Myx is kind of the Fisher Price of the remix world, allowing folks to produce very simple remixes of a given track using colourful onscreen blocks. Now I didn't use U-Myx to remix the track (it would be physically impossible to achieve anything like this with U-Myx) but what U-Myx offered me was access to a lot of isolated audio tracks from Believe Again.

Aeriae remix of Catcall's 'August' playing on FBi

I heard Catcall's 'August' on FBi over summer and was immediately a big fan of the track. I did a remix of the track in January; Catcall was well chuffed. The remix is now doing the rounds on FBi FM.