Peril Triage reviewed on Cyclic Defrost

Chris Downton has reviewed Peril Triage on Cyclic Defrost.

Peril Triage reviewed in Igloo

The first review of the EP comes from Igloo Magazine.

Victris reviewed in Chain D.L.K.

A new review of Victris has appeared on Chain D.L.K.

Victris reviewed in Cyclic Defrost

Cyclic Defrost has reviewed Victris very positively. I am grateful for their continued interest, and also for their quite non-stop output of reviews of all kinds of music.

Nurse 2 Alyssa Type review in Cyclic Defrost

Chris Downton reviews the Nurse 2 Alyssa Type EP in Cyclic Defrost magazine:

Nurse 2 Alyssa Type reviewed in Cyclic Defrost

Heads up from Release Magazine, plus performance ideas

1 _ Alternative and electronic music watchers Release gave Aeriae the nod today. To them I say, 'Cheers!'

2 _ I have begun to work on a live performance. The nature of it is decided principally by the fact that I don't find it interesting to watch a person behind a laptop, especially when 100% of the gestures making the music are not discernible. Second, this music is way complicated. Compositionally speaking, this is part of the genre's great appeal to me - that the compositions aren't defined or limited by what a human can do in real time. For these reasons I wondered for a long time if there was any way to perform this music that would satisfy me. This year I saw Moldover's video on Controllerism. His methods are informed significantly by DJ practice, which is something I've never had any interest in, but the whole thing was striking, practical, visual and creatively legitimate. I'm taking what he's generously offered as a starting point and am working on applying it to my own work. It's been very hard so far, but I've got the hardware, I'm building stuff with the software, and it is coming together. I've got a live version of AMay which I muck up 60% of the time, and I'm working on Skirr. What lies ahead is months of practice, refinement, track translation and building. So it's quite a ways off, but I believe I'll get there, and be able to offer a live version of Aeriae.

'Hermiones' is Track Of The Week at

I've been on for a few years now, and while I've scored 'Track Of The Day' many times, I never managed to crack their elusive-seeming Top 20 in the Experimental Electronica genre until now. My (relatively weird) second B-side from Hold R1, Hermiones, has done the trick and got the Track Of The Week slot in the process. The moral of this story is that you just can't pick how any particular track will be received.

Hold R1 reviewed in Cyclic Defrost Magazine March 2008

New review of the album:

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