Victris Sydney Album Launch set list

1. She's No Heart
2. Victris
3. Charnel
4. Heiress
5. Ceanic
6. Resolver
7. Valified
8. Notable Case
9. Haliday

Headspace Launch set list (Saturday June 16, 2012)

1. Intro / Hedra
2. Coldre
3. Ex Ex
4. Snuck
5. Revered Daughter
6. Pax Are
7. Ai No

Live VJing by Ed Leckie from Bleepin J Squalkins

Scorcherfest set list (Sunday April 10, 2011)

1. Ex Ex
2. Snuck / Regina
3. Revered Daughter
4. Ai No

Bandwidth II set list (Saturday June 12, 2010)

1. Lord of the Rings (Leonard Rosenman), The Immortal – Apple IIGS (Douglas Fulton), Intro
2. Lenticular Cup
3. Skirr
4. Delta's Believe Again - Aeriae version, Movement for the Brides
5. AMay

Live VJing by Squiggle, photography by Miriam Stirling

Bandwidth set list (Saturday July 4, 2009)

My set at Bandwidth:

0. Heiress / The Immortal / Intro
1. Lenticular Cup
2. Skirr
3. Believe Again Remix
4. AMay

Bandwidth was an extremely successful and entertaining event. In terms of watching bands, a turnaround time of 30 minutes with few gaps inbetween (each band sets up while the previous one plays), is very satisfying. The diversity and number of acts ensures a constantly changing dynamic and enough moods and styles to please almost anybody. There were also comfy chairs, there was room to move around in and the venue had tons of character. Huge props to the organisers. And smaller props to me for helping man the merchandise stand for decent sections of the night.

From performer perspective, I have to admit I found setting up around the previous band quite hard to do, and I got sat on by the front lady of Actual Russian Brides temporarily for my troubles. The venue was also quite cold, and the rubbish circulation in my hands meant my keyboard playing (in the actual piano-like sense) was pretty poor. Still, after an absolutely nerve-wracking few minutes of being bathed in alien light - in which I was almost unable to recognise my own equipment - and feeling cold and clumsy, and losing my way all around the keyboard, the performance kicked in and took off.

Excelsior gig videos online

Four widescreen clips from the Excelsior gig are now up on the Videos page.

The full set list was:
0. Gandhara
1. Intro
2. Lenticular Cup
3. Skirr
4. Pax Are
5. Believe Again
6. AMay

I was wearing a Silent Hill 3 t-shirt. I say this because uncomprehending people could be heard discussing the shirt on the gig recording, plus I was asked about it afterwards!