Live As Can Be Video 2A – Skirr: Performance and track breakdown

I've just released episode 2A of Live As Can Be on YouTube – "Skirr: Performance and track breakdown".

The first half of the video is me performing the live version of Skirr from my first album
Hold R1. The second half of the video is a detailed description of how this version came to be: how I ported the track elements from Logic to Ableton Live, how I organised them, how I assigned controls, and why I did or didn't make particular decisions while doing these things. Building on the overview of my setup presented in episode 1, episode 2 broaches slightly more technical topics.

Live As Can Be 2B – Escape From New York

Episode 2B of Live As Can Be is online, in which I do a keyboard cover of the theme from Escape From New York.

So why 2B and what happened to 02A?

In the wake of episode 1, I decided to split future episodes into A and B videos. The A video will have an Aeriae track performance (2A will be Skirr) and any related production talk. The B video will have me doing a keyboard cover. I originally thought of the covers as easter eggs of sorts, but splitting them into their own videos will make them easier for random folk to find on YouTube, so it's a practicality thing.

As for why 2B has come out first, it's just that I already shot all the material needed for it. I still need to record the tech talk for 2A.

Aeriae - Live As Can Be videos

To accompany the Peril Triage EP, I'm making a series of videos called Aeriae - Live As Can Be.

episode 1 I talk about how I got into playing live via Moldover's awesome controllerism video. I demo Lenticular Cup and other music from the first Aeriae shows back in 2009, including the intro riff from Apple IIGS game The Immortal, then I describe my setup in detail. For the keyboard outro, I play Spy vs. Spy from the Commodore 64.

'Headspace' out now - New Aeriae video 'Snuck'

Clan Analogue’s Severed Heads tribute album Headspace is out now. Get it on iTunes, Waterfront Records or on Bandcamp.

My own contribution to the album is the track
Snuck, and I’ve just cut a video to go with it:

AMay @ Sydney Biennale 2010 photos

Here we see AMay playing on twin screens at SuperDeluxe Artspace (The Gunnery, Woolloomooloo, Sydney) on July 1 while apathetic hipsters drink at the bar, screen right.

AMay screening at Sydney Biennale, July 01, 2010

Thanks to the tireless work of Al Cossar, formerly of the Portable Film Festival, the AMay videoclip will be screening on July 1 at the Sydney Biennale, along with other shorts that evening after the 7:30pm 'PechaKucha'. Entry is free.

The clip plays great to a crowd, as I discovered at
This Is Not Art in Newcastle, so come along!

The venue is

The Gunnery Building
43–51 Cowper Wharf Road

More event info ->

AMay concludes film festival rounds in Romania

Last stop for this round of screenings of AMay was at the Kinofest International Digital Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania. AMay was screened on October 23 as part of the Animation competition.

AMay Melbourne screening!.. Fri Oct 16, 2009

I saw it with an audience in Newcastle last week, and I tell you, that is a rocking way to see it.

AMay is next showing as part of 'Conjunction' on Friday, Oct 16th at the Westspace gallery in Melbourne, so if you live down there, get thee to Westspace gallery!

Level 1, 15 - 19 Anthony Street
Melbourne, Vic, 3000, Australia
+61 3 9328 8712

It's $10 entry for a two hour program.
(under the Conjunction heading)

Catch 'AMay' theatre screening @ Electrofringe in Newcastle, Fri Oct 2nd, 2009

I submitted the AMay video to Electrofringe back in Jan or Feb. About a week before the festival itself (IE now) I received confirmation the video was in, and would be screened as part of Electro-projections 1.

In or near Newcastle? You can see AMay on a big screen with a big audience, which will include myself, this Friday evening, and of course see many other technologically interesting works as well:

Time + Date (cost is Free!)

Electro-projections 1 (screenings)
Friday 2nd October, 2009 - 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Playhouse Theatrette
Level 1, 375 Hunter St, Newcastle
[Map can be found at]

For more information about the screenings and the rest of Electrofringe's program, please visit or for more information about This Is Not Art, head to

Excelsior gig videos online

Four widescreen clips from the Excelsior gig are now up on the Videos page.

The full set list was:
0. Gandhara
1. Intro
2. Lenticular Cup
3. Skirr
4. Pax Are
5. Believe Again
6. AMay

I was wearing a Silent Hill 3 t-shirt. I say this because uncomprehending people could be heard discussing the shirt on the gig recording, plus I was asked about it afterwards!

New article about the AMay videoclip over at 'What Is The Apple IIGS?'

Alex Lee, who runs the website 'What Is The Apple IIGS?' all about my favourite 8/16-bit computer, has published a very complimentary article about the AMay videoclip.

AMay competing in the Portable Film Festival

The videoclip for AMay is currently up and running in the Portable Film Festival.

AMay videoclip on LiveMusicMedia LI, NY throughout February

Live in the Long Island, New York area or have access to channel 115 there? Live Music Media (LMM TV 115) will be playing the AMay videoclip every Saturday during February. The show starts at 11PM each Saturday. If you haven't seen/heard it uncompressed from a big screen, trust me, it's freaking excellent.

Partyheads and insomniacs can't wait for Aeriae's 'Rage' debut!

From ABC TV's 'Rage' videoclip playlist for the AM of Saturday, December 8:

4:30 am - 5:00 am
PRINCESS ONE POINT FIVE Lolita (Independent)
MOONBOOTICA Jump Around (Central Station)
AERIAE AMay (Independent)
PREFUSE 73 featuring SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS The Class of 73 Bells (Inertia)
ALIBI vs. ROCKEFELLER Sexual Healing (Central Station)
LEXY & K-PAUL Ponyboy (Central Station)