Aeriae _ Electronic Music by Wade Clarke

The new digital-only Aeriae EP Peril Triage is out now on Clan Analogue Recordings through a multitude of online music services. For instance, but not limited to:
AmazonBandcamp (24-bit FLAC) – iTunesJunoSpotifyTidal

To accompany the EP, I'm making a series of videos called Aeriae - Live As Can Be. In episode 01 I talk about how I got into playing live via Moldover's awesome controllerism video. I demo Lenticular Cup and other music from the first Aeriae shows back in 2009, including the intro riff from Apple IIGS game The Immortal. Then I describe my setup in detail. For the keyboard outro, I play Spy vs. Spy from the Commodore 64.

Aeriae – Live As Can Be 01

She’s No Heart (2016) – A Qarpa mashup/remix

Victris (2014 LP) (also on iTunes, Google Play et al)

Nurse 2 Alyssa Type (2013 EP) (also on iTunes, Google Play et al)