Abraxas EP is out


The Abraxas EP (link to its page on Bandcamp) is out! This release celebrates my fifteen year anniversary of Aeriae in 2020. It's named for the first Aeriae track I produced back in 2005. Spanning 2005-2008, these tracks have a dark, sepulchral feel that mostly precedes the style of my first album Hold R1. Opener Abraxas and the original long edit of Hold R1 (I used just the tail of it on the album) have never been released before. Reign and Quiz are tracks that took part in the endless music contest on garagebandDOTcom, back when that great site existed (no relation to Apple's Garageband software which now has that URL!). The final track Sophie Asks Why was broadcast on Sydney's FBi Radio in 2008.

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