15 Years of Aeriae


2020 marks fifteen years of me producing as Aeriae. I plan to celebrate this by releasing a few things... before the end of 2020 I hope, but forgive me if they end up late during these times of COVID. THE THINGS ARE

1. Release Abraxas, an EP of old/unreleased/rare tracks from around the time of Hold R1

2. Cut a new, amusing video of an old remix

3. Release a better version of the June 2012 live set (it was previously on Bandcamp but a bit of a mess. If you previously bought that version, you'll get a coupon for free download of the new version when it comes)

I have new tracks in the pipeline, but there'll be no new album 'til I've finished this computer game I'm working on, and that's going to take a long time. So I hope these 15-years goodies can help hold the fort.

I'm as excited about making new Aeriae stuff as always. Time-wise, I've got a day job, family life and an injury. The time that's left is divided amongst multiple creative projects.

If you haven't listened to my latest release, the 2017 live set DE, check it out. It's wild. Or take the time to check out my back catalogue on Bandcamp. I'm proud of all I've released over the years, even if I'd have liked to have released more. I particularly like some of my remixes for bands and artists you may never have heard of, or who aren't even going any more. You don't need to know the originals.

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