Making the AMay video

After a month of research and experimentation, it took me four months part-time to make the AMay videoclip. Animated props and characters were created using Scott Anderson's Fantavision software (1985) for the Apple II computer. I ran Fantavision on an emulated Apple IIGS in Sweet16 on my Mac G5. I used SnapzProX software to capture and compress animations directly from the screen, and composited and edited them together using Final Cut Express HD. Sometimes I was able to generate entire useable shots within Fantavision alone — people, props, backdrops and all — but in the majority of cases I had to shoot separate characters and elements against blue/green (or black/white) screens, one at a time, then composite them together in Final Cut. I drew the scenery, props and lots of other stuff using 8/16 Paint for the Apple IIGS, with extra tweaking and stitching together achieved back in the Mac realm in Graphic Converter.