AMay video now in HD


Back in 2007 I made the animated videoclip for the track AMay from my first album Hold R1. Recently, I realised YouTube had stopped showing it to people because it (was) in their very low 2007 resolution, so I've reuploaded it in HD


Believe Again Remix video


A few months late, but as promised, I've fulfilled goal two of my Aeriae anniversary celebrations: To cut a video for the 2008 Aeriae remix of Delta Goodrem's


Aeriae website rebuilt


Website tech changes as the years pass and has been going since 2007.

In January and February of 2021 I rebuilt the site from scratch using the Foundation 6 make-your-own-theme theme for


Abraxas EP is out


The Abraxas EP (link to its page on Bandcamp) is out! This release celebrates my fifteen year anniversary of Aeriae in 2020. It's


15 Years of Aeriae


2020 marks fifteen years of me producing as Aeriae. I plan to celebrate this by releasing a few things... before the end of 2020 I hope, but forgive me if they end up late during these times of COVID. THE THINGS ARE


2019 posts


"Double Album" ... paused
05/11/19 21:08

Things have been quieter than usual on this site for a while, which means pretty darn quiet.

In 2018 I began working on what could best be described as a double album.


2017 posts


DE: New live release is out
16/10/17 16:33

DE IS HERE! This 28 minute release is comped from several live takes of my recent Melbourne set. It's the same mix I play into a big room, thus sounds awesome in a big room.