2015 posts


New Aeriae EP in the works
17/09/15 12:14

Work is well advanced on a new EP based on material from my Victris live sets. This will be released digitally by Clan Analogue. My extremely-up-in-the-air guess on the release date would be the start of 2016.

Aeriae-curated Spotify playlist for Clan Analogue
26/03/15 21:02

I painstakingly handcrafted this month's Spotify playlist for Clan Analogue. From electronic to 80s pop to English folk rock and Clan oldies, there's something for everyone. I also wrote something about each track on the Clan website: GO THERE

Victris reviewed in Chain D.L.K.
05/02/15 18:32

A new review of Victris has appeared on Chain D.L.K.

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