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New EP coming ... 2017
16/11/16 16:43

It’s been awhile between updates. Part of that is because I’ve been helping oversee the audio for Clan Analogue’s Kill Climate Deniers releases. They comprise the eponymous album by Reuben Ingall (out now) and the forthcoming Bolted remixes single, to which I’ve also contributed a track as Profound Actor.

The next Aeriae release will be the 43 minute EP Peril Triage, out F̶e̶b̶r̶u̶a̶r̶y̶ March! 2017:

She's No Heart – A Qarpa mashup/remix
12/04/16 19:22

Qarpa of Ukraine, previously known as Faktychno Sami, are one of my favourite bands. They take any and all musical styles that they like – pop, punk, electronica, rap, jazz, industrial – and bring them to bear on a consistent aesthetic. They’re musical consummates and also have an amazing vocalist and frontwoman in Irena Karpa.

’She's No Heart' is an Aeriae mashup/remix track built around samples from three Qarpa songs:
* The song Небо from the album Lo-Fi TRавми (2005)
* The songs Кирі-ян and No Logo from the album Kurva Cum Back (2004)

I used to open my 2014 live sets with this track. I’ve now cut a video for it which is a mashup of Qarpa clips and concert footage. My thanks go to Qarpa, Qarpa fans and everyone who appeared in, filmed, or otherwise helped create or produce the footage used to make the video. Thanks also to Julian Grodzicky and Svitlana Yakovenko who translated lyrics from these Qarpa songs for me.

With Qarpa’s kind blessings, I’m now releasing the track as a free download. It’s available via Bandcamp (stream online, or download in any format) or SoundCloud (stream online, or download as FLAC).

Enjoy the video and also check out Qarpa’s amazing music.

June 2012 live set from the vault
19/02/16 23:50

To my knowledge, room recordings of live electronic music sets aren't generally A Big Thing, though they're a big thing amongst Autechre fans. That's how I got interested in such recordings.

I've unearthed one of my own that happened by accident. While rehearsing my June 2012 live set, I intended to record a soundboard of it on an H4N. I hit the wrong button and so recorded through the mic instead. Obviously, the mic hadn't been set up for a live recording or pointed at anything in particular, but it must have been vaguely centred. The result was pretty decent off the bat, and after giving a boost to the mids and highs, I was relatively amazed by the atmosphere of it.

The June 2012 set is now up on Soundcloud in whole and on Bandcamp in split track form. It starts with an atmos and beats intro, then broken downtempo that builds over 10 minutes (Hedra, my fave of the set) then continues with something that gets really keyboard stabby (Coldre), then something fast and easily the least tight and maybe most chaotic performance (give me a break, this was a rehearsal) and studded with vox samples of Hayley Foster, then from Chaingang (track name Ex Ex, which is almost what I almost called my second album) and finally a racing alt live version of Ai No Kuni (Ai No), with Swan Lake in it to boot.

My rig at the time was based on Moldover's original Controllersim video:

  • Macbook Pro
  • Ableton Live
  • Reaktor
  • M-Audio Keystation 49: Live keyboard parts
  • Novation Remote SL -
  • Drumpads: Jump edits
  • Touchpad: Stutter edits
  • Joystick: Timeshift
  • White keys: Scratch up/down, buzz, jump edit, reverse, 8 track gates
  • Black keys: Sample launchers
  • Mixer tracks: Drum, Melody, Vox, FX 1, FX 2, FX 3, Live keyboard, Master
  • 1 custom FX smart knob per track, 2 on master
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