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"Double Album" ... paused
05/11/19 21:08

Things have been quieter than usual on this site for a while, which means pretty darn quiet.

In 2018 I began working on what could best be described as a double album. I say 'best be described as' because – what is a double album today? For a good chunk of time that meant two CDs' worth of material, and before that, two LPs' worth of material. I don't know if this next release of mine will appear on any plastic or vinyl discs, but I suppose when I began this project, I was still aiming at what would fit on two CDs.

Now, I've paused work on this entity because I've switched my temporal focus to a major game project. This other project may take a couple of years to complete, and would take even longer if I interweaved it with the Aeriae work and work-work. That's why I've essentially put the music on pause. It will definitely be unpaused, but perhaps not for a long time.

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